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If you were recently arrested for a DUI in California and are looking for a highly experienced DUI attorney to represent you for your case, give us a call.  The attorneys at Aspen Law Group are experienced DUI attorneys and can explain how to beat your DUI or fight for your best outcome..  All consultations are free and highly informative. Call 866-306-5306 to speak to a highly qualified California State DUI defense attorney.

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Aspen Law Group is a boutique firm.  All aspects of your case are directly handled by the attorney.  This means every email, each court appearance and every contact with DMV is done by a legally licensed DUI defense professional, not some $12 a hour clerk.  Call us to experience the difference at 866-306-5306.

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Attorney Simmons represented a mentally ill and indigent defendant for back-to-back DUI cases.  Ultimately, all charges were dismissed.  Read about it here 

Recent Case Results!


11/18/19 - State vs. L.M.

Facts:  2nd DUI with an accident and a .11% BAC. Client faced jail.

Results:  DUI charges were dismissed without jail.

11/15/19 - People vs. Brian G.

Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI while on probation for two prior DUIs.  BAC in this case was a .39%. Client faced 3 years state prison and the DA in the case was asking for prison.

Case Results:  ZERO JAIL ON Fourth Offense Felony DUI while on probation. Client was very happy with the results.  Attorney Simmons Also won the DMV hearing in this case.

​11/13/19 - People vs. Roman C.

Facts:  4th Offense Felony DUI while on probation for two prior DUIs, with a suspended license.  Client was a .18% BAC and faced over 3 years state prison for these charges.

Results:  ZERO Jail on all charges.  Client was so happy with the results, she hugged me.

11/12/19 - People vs. Anthony W.

Facts:  This case was an utter mess.  Client was an out of town client who hire a DUI attorney who has 12 years more "experience" than attorney Simmons.  The previous attorney failed to prep the client/case correctly and the client was taken into custody on a no bail hold at their first court date.  Client was on probation for two prior DUIs with a .20% BAC. When we go the case, the client was in jail and the offer on the case was 9 months of jail with an additional 6 months of rehab.

Results; Client was released from jail and had to complete 30 days of rehab.  Client was extremely happy with the results of this case.

11/05/19 - State vs. A.T

Facts:  DUI with .09 BAC

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed. Client was very happy.

10/28/19 - State vs. S.S.

Facts:  DUI Charged with speeding

Results:  DUI charges were dismissed.

07/09/19 - People vs. Jalen H.

Facts:  Second DUI out of Orange County while on probation for prior DUI.  District Attorney wanted 120 days jail because his prior was less than  a year old.  Client hired another attorney who could only get him jail time, fired him and hired me.  I filed a motion and ultimately, all charges were dismissed. Client was extremely happy and wrote me a very lengthy review of my performance.

Results:  All Charges Dismissed Via Motion.

06/22/19 - State vs. Sean D.

Facts:  Second offense DUI with multiple other drug offense convictions. Client faced jail and had a BAC of a .17%

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed & No Jail.

04/19/19 - State vs. R A.

Facts:  Really bad case. Defendant was arrested for back to back DUIs.  2nd and 3rd offense DUIs while on probation.  Client faced a minimum of 180 days in jail, but more likely facing closer to 9 months

Results: All cases resolved for ZERO jail. Client was extremely happy.

03/14/19 - State vs. Matt A.

Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for a prior DUI offense.  Client faced over 30 days jail.

Results:  ALL DUI Charges Dismissed.  No Jail on this 2nd offense DUI

02/14/19 - State vs. J.L.

Facts:  Client arrested for driving erratically.  BAC was a .13%

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed

02/06/19 - State vs. Tyler S.

Facts:  Client was arrested for a DUI.  Actually hit a cop car.  

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed


01/10/19 - State vs. C.J.

Facts:  Client was arrested for DUI with a .14/.15 BAC.  Client was visibly intoxicated.  Prosecution wanted jail.  Attorney Simmons was able to get the case dismissed.  NO DUI Charges.

Result:  DUI Charges DISMISSED - Client was very happy.

02/03/19 - State vs. Kyle

Facts:   Defendant arrested for DUI offense without a chemical test reading.  Faced jail time.  Ultimately, case resolved for a non-alcohol related reckless driving.

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/20/18 - State vs. James R.

Facts:  Defendant arrested for a .14 BAC DUI while visiting.  Attorney Simmons was able to change the court date and resolve the case for a dismissal of the DUI charges.

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/18/18 - Case - State vs. Ricky, A.

Facts:  Third offense DUI while on probation for prior DUI.  This was a very serious case and the prosecution asked for 180 days in jail.  Client had a prior attorney for nearly 6 months before we were brought onto the case.

Case Result: All Charges Dismissed.  No Fines, No Probation, No jail

06/12/18 - Case - People vs. S.A.

Facts:   Defendant arrested for 4th Offense Felony DUI.  Faced 3 years sentence in state prison and had a .11 BAC while on probation.

Results:  Felony DUI Charges dismissed, case resolved for no jail time.  Client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Comprehensive DUI Defense for the State of California 

We handle all of California, both Northern and Southern.

California State DUI Consequences - Two Stage Process

In California, when you're arrested for a DUI charge, you have a 2 part process.  First the DMV and then the criminal process.


Drivers License Consequences to a DUI in California.

You have 10 days for your attorney to contact the Driver Safety office in your jurisdiction for a hearing.  If you fail to have your attorney contact DMV within 10 days of the arrest, your license will automatically suspend.  The length of suspension depends on your age, DUI history, whether you are seen as a refusal, and if you're on probation.


The DMV hearing itself is like a small trial without a jury.  The hearing officer holds the hearing will act like your judge, jury, and executioner.   It is key to allow your attorney to contact DMV on your behalf to ensure you have the best hearing officer possible.


The hearing itself is in a small room at a private DMV office.  You can subpoena witnesses and make objections as well as closing arguments.  Upon closing the hearing, the hearing officer will send the defendant a letter in the mail with the outcome of the hearing.  

For  more information regarding DMV, call 866-306-5306.

Court Consequences of a DUI in California

The consequences for a DUI in the state of California will greatly depend upon the jurisdiction you were arrested in, if this is your first DUI, second DUI, or third offense DUI, if you're on probation, if there was n accident, your blood alcohol level, and lastly, the attorney you hire to fight for your case.  Call us at 866-306-5306  to get a case evaluation and learn the exact consequences to your DUI charge.  All consultations are for free and highly informative consultation.


Aspen Law Group

The attorneys at Aspen Law Group are licensed to practice law in multiple states and have fought against unjust DUIs for the past twenty years.  We are dedicated to getting to know each and every one of our clients and tailoring, to the best of our ability, a defense that works for them. Let us prove to you the difference by calling 866-306-5306 for a free and highly informative consultation.

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