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Are you looking for a Westminster DUI attorney?  The DUI Lawyers at Aspen Law Group are aggressive, attentive, and focus on multiple offense DUIs.  The Westminster DUI lawyers at Aspen Law Group are available to speak to you.  Call 866-306-5306 for a free and highly informative consultation.

Consequences to a Westminster DUI

For any DUI arrest in Westminster, the consequences of your DUI arrest will depend on your case facts, prior criminal history, and if this is your first, second, third, or 4th DUI arrest.  In order to know specifically what you face,its best to speak to a DUI attorney.  Call 866-306-5306 to learn the specific consequences of your Westminster DUI.

First Offense DUI Consequences in Westminster
  • Possible Jail

  • Mandatory Alcohol Program for 3, 6, or 9 months

  • MADD Impact Panel

  • Morgue Program

  • 3-5 years Mandatory Probation

  • Possible Ignition Interlock Device

  • Up to a Year License Suspension

Second Offense DUI Consequences in Westminster
  • 60 to 120 days in County Jail

  • MADD Panel

  • 18 Month SB-38 Alcohol Program

  • 5 years probation

  • Mandatory IID Device

  • 2 Year Revocation of your driver's license

  • Possible SCRAM

Consequences to a 3rd DUI in Westminster
  • 240 to 1 year in jail

  • MADD 

  • 18 Month Alcohol Program

  • Chemical Dependency Program

  • Morgue Program

  • Five Years Probation


  • Up to 10 Year Suspension of your License

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At Aspen Law Group, we are committed to aggressively representing individuals accused of DUI in and about Westminster  We have had hundreds upon hundreds of DUI cases outright dismissed. We are highly experienced, tried and true DUI defense team dedicated to listening to your concerns and finding the best outcome to your recent Tacoma DUI arrest.  Call us at 866-306-5306 and immediately speak to the attorney who'd represent you in court and at the Department of motor vehicles.

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