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The lawyers at Aspen Law Group have been dedicated to automotive legal issues for the past 20 years, with specific focus on multiple offense DUI.

We handle cases all over California and have so for over 10 years.  The attorney you speak to will be the attorney who handles all aspects of your case.  There's no "bait and switch" at hour firm.  Call 866-306-5306 for a free and highly informative consultation.

Recent DUI Cases

01/10/19 - State vs. C.J.

Facts:  Client was arrested for DUI with a .14/.15 BAC.  Client was visibly intoxicated, couldn't stated.  Prosecution wanted jail.  Attorney Simmons was able to get the case dismissed.  NO DUI Charges.

Result:  DUI Charges DISMISSED - Client was very happy.

02/03/19 - State vs. Kyle

Facts:   Defendant arrested for DUI offense without a chemical test reading.  He faced jail time.  Ultimately, case resolved for a non-alcohol related reckless driving.

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/20/18 - State vs. James R.

Facts:  Defendant arrested for a .14 BAC DUI while visiting.  Attorney Simmons was able to change the court date and resolve the case for a dismissal of the DUI charges.

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/18/18 - Case - State vs. Ricky, A.

Facts:  Third offense DUI while on probation for prior DUI.  This was very serious case and the prosecution asked for 180 days in jail.  Client had a prior attorney for nearly 6 months before we were brought onto the case.

Case Result: All Charges Dismissed.  No Fines, No Probation, No jail

06/12/18 - Case - People vs. S.A.


Facts:   Defendant arrested for 4th Offense Felony DUI.  He faced 3 years state prison and had a .11 BAC while on probation.

Results:  Felony DUI Charges dismissed, case resolved for no jail time.  Client was extremely happy with the outcome.

Best DUI Defense Available

Above, we've offered you a partial list of case results however, our case results go back over ten years with more being added daily.  Although each case is different, our case results prove we fight for our clients, not just plead them out, ensuring you get the very best case representation for your money.  

Call us to experience the difference.  We're available at 866-306-5306 for a free consultation.


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