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Were you recently arrested for a DUI in Orange County, California?  If so, you'll need to hire an attorney to ensure your constitutional rights are protected.  Aspen Law Group is a premier Orange County DUI defense law firm.  We have stellar results for our clients along with a personalized service.  Call us to speak to an attorney immediately, 24/7, for a free consultation.  Call us now at 866-306-5306.


Consequences for a First Offense  DUI in Orange County, California

A consequences for a first offense DUI in Orange County is up to 180 jail, approximately $2,000.00 in fines, probation, for up to 5 years, up to a 1 year suspension of your license, MADD Panel, Morgue Program, Possible Community Service, Possible Ankle Bracelet, and Community Service. 

08/24/19 - State vs. A.G.

Facts:  Second DUI with a .13.  Client was arrested jew a few months prior for his first offense DUI.

Results:  DUI charges dismissed. Zero Jail time.

07/09/19 - People vs. Jalen H.

Facts:  Second DUI out of Orange County while on probation for prior DUI.  District Attorney wanted 120 days jail because his prior was less than  a year old.  Client hired another attorney who could only get him jail time, fired him and hired me.  I filed a motion and ultimately, all charges were dismissed. Client was extremely happy and wrote me a very lengthy review of my performance.

Results:  All Charges Dismissed Via Motion.

06/22/19 - State vs. Sean D.

Facts:  Second offense DUI with multiple other drug offense convictions. Client faced jail and had a BAC of a .17%

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed & No Jail.

04/19/19 - State vs. R A.

Facts:  Really bad case. Defendant was arrested for back to back DUIs.  2nd and 3rd offense DUIs while on probation.  Client faced a minimum of 180 days in jail, but more likely facing closer to 9 months

Results: All cases resolved for ZERO jail. Client was extremely happy.

03/14/19 - State vs. Matt A.

Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for a prior DUI offense.  Client faced over 30 days jail.

Results:  ALL DUI Charges Dismissed.  No Jail on this 2nd offense DUI

02/14/19 - State vs. J.L.

Facts:  Client arrested for driving erratically.  BAC was a .13%

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed

02/06/19 - State vs. Tyler S.

Facts:  Client was arrested for a DUI.  Actually hit a cop car.  

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed


01/10/19 - State vs. C.J.

Facts:  Client was arrested for DUI with a .14/.15 BAC.  Client was visibly intoxicated.  Prosecution wanted jail.  Attorney Simmons was able to get the case dismissed.  NO DUI Charges.

Result:  DUI Charges DISMISSED - Client was very happy.

02/03/19 - State vs. Kyle

Facts:   Defendant arrested for DUI offense without a chemical test reading.  Faced jail time.  Ultimately, case resolved for a non-alcohol related reckless driving.

Results:  DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/20/18 - State vs. James R.

Facts:  Defendant arrested for a .14 BAC DUI while visiting.  Attorney Simmons was able to change the court date and resolve the case for a dismissal of the DUI charges.

Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed.

09/18/18 - Case - State vs. Ricky, A.

Facts:  Third offense DUI while on probation for prior DUI.  This was a very serious case and the prosecution asked for 180 days in jail.  Client had a prior attorney for nearly 6 months before we were brought onto the case.

Case Result: All Charges Dismissed.  No Fines, No Probation, No jail

06/12/18 - Case - People vs. S.A.

Facts:   Defendant arrested for 4th Offense Felony DUI.  Faced 3 years sentence in state prison and had a .11 BAC while on probation.

Results:  Felony DUI Charges dismissed, case resolved for no jail time.  Client was extremely happy with the outcome.


Were you arrested for a 2nd Offense in Orange County?

Multiple offense DUIs are our specialty.  We have represented more 2nd, 3rd, and 4th offense DUIs than any other law firm in Orange County.  We know how to convince the judges to give you the alternative sentencing you seek.  We have over 10 years experience with multiple offense DUIs.  You will not find a better Orange County DUI lawyer for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th offense DUI case.

Consequences to a 2nd DUI in Orange County

The consequences for a 2nd DUI are extreme in Orange County.  You're looking at 60-90 days jail on a simple 2nd offense.  If you got into a car accident tor were on probation for your prior DUI, you're looking at 90-120 days jail.  The prosecutor will not negotiate alternative sentencing.  To be eligible for alternative sentencing, you'll need to hire an attorney and prep your case property in order to stay out of jail.


In addition to jail, you face up to a 2 year suspension, $2,000 + fines, 18 month alcohol program. MADD Victim Impact Panel, 5 years probation, Morgue Program, Possible Community Service, SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring, Ignition Interlock Device in your vehicle.


With consequences this serious, you'll need an highly experienced multiple offense DUI to protect your rights and ensue a minimal sentence.

Consequences to a 3rd DUI in Orange County.

Orange County is the worst jurisdiction in the state of California for a 3rd offense DUI.  The Orange County District Attorney's office will see 9 months to 1 year in jail and will not offer you alternatives to this jail time.  In order to avoid jail, you'll have to aggressively prepare your case and have your attorney negotiate with the court directly for alternatives to sentencing.  


About Attorney Simmons

Attorney Simmons has been defending individuals accused of DUI since 2001.  We have represented all types of DUI cases including serious DUI cases such as 4th offense felony DUIs and DUI manslaughter.  Ms. Simmons personally takes care of all aspects of your DUI case including your DMV and court appearances.  In many circumstances, you will not even have to appear in court.  Call 866-306-5306 for more information.

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