2nd DUI While On Probation for your 1st DUI

Were you recently arrested for your 2nd offense DUI while on probation?  Are you looking for the consequences for your 2nd DUI arrest while on probation?  Are you looking for alternatives to jail for your 2nd DUI and your probation violation?  Call today for a free consultation at 866-306-5306.  

What Are The Consequences for 2nd DUI While On Probation

If you were arrested for a second offense DUI while on probation, you first have to realize you have a 3 part case going on.  You have the new DUI offense, the probation violation, and the DMV hearing.   This is considered a serious case and the prosecution will be seeking jail not only for the 2nd offense DUI, but also for the probation violation.  At Aspen Law Group, we have resolved thousands of 2nd offense DUIs with probation violations for no jail time.  Call 866-306-5306 for more information.

Consequences for a 2nd DUI with Probation Violation
  • 4-364 Days in County Jail

  • $2,000 + in Fines

  • 18 Month Alcohol Program

  • Mandatory IID

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Panel

  • Five Years Probation

  • Misdemeanor Conviction

  • 1-2 year license suspension 

  • Possible House arrest

  • SR-22

  • SCRAM Device

Alternatives to jail are possible for 2nd DUI offenders who have their case properly prepared by a competent attorney who specialized in DUI defense.  You will need a highly experienced DUI defense attorney to help you prepare your case to go before the judge and negotiate alternatives to jail. Call 866-306-5305 for free information.

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