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Were you recently arrested  for a second offense DUI in Orange County, California?  If you were, you need to know that you face 60-90 days jail time on a 2nd offense DUI.  The Orange County District Attorney's office will insist on mandatory jail time on all second offense DUIs.  In order to avoid jail, you'll need to hire a competent DUI defense attorney.   Without the proper preparation of your case, jail time will be unavoidable.  Call 866-306-5306 for a consultation.  Consultations are always free and highly informative.

Alternative to Jail for a 2nd DUI in Orange County, California

With the right preparation of your case, there are several alternatives to county jail.  The following examples are jail alternatives in Orange County, California.

House Arrest

House arrest is an alternative to jail for some 2nd offense DUI cases in Orange County.  The District Attorney will not offer this to you automatically.  In fact, the DA's office will object to this form of alternative sentencing.  This type of alternative sentencing will need to be negotiated between your attorney and the court directly.  For more information, call 866-306-5306 for a free consultation.

Work Furlough

Work furlough is a private city jail which you pay a daily fee, spend the night, and during the day you're allowed to go to work.  On especially serious DUI cases, they may be the only alternative jail available to you.


DUI Court

DUI court is available for multiple offense DUI offenders who reside in Orange County.  The program is extensive and should only be a "last resort" for alternative sentencing because you'll be expected to spend 4-5 days in court, every week, during normal business hours.  Most people can not meet the extreme commitments DUI court requires.  Call us for a free consultation at 866-306-5306.

Recent 2nd DUI Results


State vs. R.A.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for a prior DUI.  Upon motion, All charges were dismissed.  No jail, No probation, No DUI conviction

People vs. E.C

Case Facts:  2nd DUI with a BAC of .17.  Client not only faced  a year suspension, she faced jail.  Upon motion, all charges were dismissed.  No Jail, No Fines, No DUI conviction


People vs. M.C.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI in Orange County while on probation for a prior dui in less than a year 

Case Results:  Zero Jail for the DUI and the probation violation out of the Orange County Superior Court.


People vs. C.C.

Case Facts: 2nd DUI out of the Orange County court.

Case Results: No jail.

People vs. D.K.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI with refusal.  Client faced 90 days jail.

Case Results:  Zero Jail


People vs. H.P.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for first offense out of Orange County

Case Results:  No Jail


People vs. Evelyn C.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI with suspended license and .17% Breath results.  Client faced jail.

ALL CHARGES DISMISSED VIA MOTION.  No jail, no fines, no criminal record or points.

People vs. David V.

Case Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for prior DUI.  .17 BAC.

Case Results: Despite being on probation, DUI was dismissed and case resolved for Zero Jail and a reduction to a Wet Reckless.


People vs. M.C.

Case Facts:  DUI with .17% BAC with an accident.  Client was military and would be kicked out if she was convicted.



People vs. Bradley T. – ALL CHARGES DISMISSED!!!!!

Case Facts:  2nd DUI while on probation for prior which was less than 12 months prior to the 2nd DUI arrest.  BAC was .18%.  Client had a very high security clearance and was told he would be fired if he plead to another DUI.  District Attorney wanted 45 days on the DUI and an additional 30 on the probation violation.

Case Results:  ALL CHARGES DISMISSED VIA MOTION. No Jail, No Probation Violation. Saved client’s job!


Scott S. – DUI Charges Reduced to Wet & DMV Win

Case Facts: 2nd DUI with .09%/ .08% PAS / Breath out of Riverside Superior Court

Case Results: DMV Set Aside (No DMV Suspension) and DUI Charges Dismissed


Zero Jail on .20% DUI with probation violation

Case Facts:  2nd DUI with .20% bac out of Orange County with a probation violation that occurred for a DUI less than a year old out of the same court. DA wanted 135 days straight time county jail with ZERO ABILITY FOR ALTERNATIVE SENTENCING.


2nd DUI with Refusal & DMV Win

Case Facts:  Client faced a mandatory 2 year suspension without any eligibility for a restricted license for his 2nd DUI Refusal Case because he refused the police’s reasonable request to blow into a breath machine.

Case Results:  DMV Win & All Charges Dismissed in Court!

2nd DUI with BAC 2x Legal Limit & DMV Win

Case Facts:  Defendant arrested for a second offense DUI with a blood alcohol level well over two times the legal limit.  Defendant extremely scared of going to jail.

Case Results:  DMV Won & Absolutely ZERO Jail Served!!

2nd DUI with .20% BAC & DMV Hearing

Case Facts:  Defendant was arrested driving with a blood alcohol level of a .20% BAC.  This would have been her second DUI conviction.

Case Results : ALL DUI CHARGES DISMISSED AND DMV WIN.  No Suspension, No jail, no prior-able DUI charges.  Client extremely happy with her case results considering her blood alcohol level was nearly 3 times the legal limit.

2nd DUI with .09% & DMV Hearing

Case Facts:  Client was arrested via checkpoint for a 2nd DUI with a .09%.  Not only was she looking at jail, her employer would have fired her if convicted of a second DUI because her job required her to drive.

Case Results:  All DUI Charges Dismissed in Court & DMV Win.  No Jail, No Suspension, No Community Service, No DUI.  Client extremely happy to keep her job.

2nd DUI in Vehicle for Commercial Air Pilot

Case Facts – Defendant faced serious problems with his employment if convicted of a 2nd DUI.  Client was stopped for Speeding

Case Results:  ALL CRIMINAL CHARGES DISMISSED IN COURT.  No DUI, No Misdemeanor, No Probation, No Alcohol, Complete Win!! Saved Client’s Career.

2nd DUI with .20% with Collision

Case Facts: Client was arrested for a 2nd DUI after he hit another vehicle.  His blood alcohol level was over a .20%

Case Results: No Jail time for this very serious DUI offense.

 Second DUI above a .20% with Collision and Probation – DMV WIN!

Case Facts:  Defendant faced a 2 year suspension of their license because they were driving with a blood above a .20% while on probation and caused a collision.

Case Results: DMV Set Aside – No DMV Suspension.

2nd DUI with a blood alcohol level that was 3 times the legal limit – All Charges Dismissed.

Case Facts:  Client was arrested for a second offense DUI with a blood alcohol level of over a .20%.  The District Attorneys office wanted jail time.  In fact, the DA’s office wanted a minimum of 90 days county jail without any alternative sentencing.

Case Results:  Upon filing a very detailed motion, the judge dismissed all charges related to the 2nd DUI offense.  This means the client had no jail, fines, or criminal record.  This is a glowing example of how the right 2nd offense DUI attorney can get you results.  Client was a fellow attorney and was extremely happy with the motion work done on his behalf.  Even Attorneys hire attorney Julia Simmons to defend their 2nd DUI Offense.

 2nd DUI while on Probation – Reduced to Wet Reckless

Case Facts:  Client was arrested for his second DUI while on probation while driving with a suspended license due to a prior DUI case.  Client faced a statutory minimum of 10 days jail on the suspended license charge alone and up to 180 days county jail on the probation violation with another 365 days jail for the 2nd DUI charge.

Case Result: 2nd DUI was reduced to a wet reckless charge despite the fact the client was on a suspended license and was on probation.  Suspended license charge was dismissed.  Client had no jail time at all, reduced fines, and a 12 hour alcohol class instead of 18 months.

 2nd DUI Felony with .16% – No Jail Time

Case Facts:  Client arrested for a 2nd offense Felony DUI charge due to a Great Bodily Injury Accident.  Client’s blood alcohol level was in excess of a .16%.  District Attorney wanted 2 years state prison for this Felony DUI Charge

Case Results:  Case resolved for absolutely zero jail time.

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